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Break The Silence Week 

2018 Resources 

Break the silence week 2018 

Yes, you've made it!  Our team is so thrilled to have your support as we undertake our first annual Break The Silence Week. This annual campaign will start on February 6 (International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation) and end on February 12 of each year. This campaign was created by There Is No Limit Foundation. It mobilizes people worldwide to speak up and take action to end harmful practices and violence against individuals. Female genital mutilation (FGM) is the first campaign under this banner.

It’s a fun week, with a serious message, a week when people will ‘activate’ to shine a spotlight on FGM. We'll also carry out FGM education and training in affected communities in Guinea.


#BREAKTHESILENCE isn’t just a hashtag: It is a call to action to speak up, take action to make sure women and girls human rights are protected. This page will provide you with assets for social media and in-person activation. We are thrilled to have your support.....


…because If we get this right, we can make FGM history. 

Sample Posts

Below are sample tweets you can use to support There Is No Limit Foundation's Break The Silence Week. Please feel free to edit as needed. Please make sure you use the hashtags #BREAKTHESILENCE and ENDFGM on all posts so we can feature you on our #tagboard!

Today's Zero Tolerance Day for FGM. #BREAKTHESILENCE and take the pledge to #ENDFGM

#BREAKTHESILENCE week is Feb.6-Feb 12. Join us and @thereisnolimitF to speak up. Act. Give to #ENDGFM


3 million girls are at risk of being cut every year. You can change this. Act Now. #BREAKTHESILENCE 


Need a reason to speak up for women and girls rights? It's here- 200 million women and girls have gone through FGM. #BREAKTHESILENCE #ENDFGM 

#SDG5 includes #FGM. We can't achieve the #2030agenda if we don't #EndFGM. Take the pledge #BREAKTHESILENCE


Your voice is powerful. Use it to help protect women and girls human rights. #BREAKTHESILENCE #STANDUP4HUMANRIGHTS #ENDFGM

Change happens when you act. Do it today. #BREAKTHESILENCE and join us in speaking up for women and girls rights. #ENDFGM 

I pledge to not be a silent bystander. I will speak up. I will act. I will make a change. #BREAKTHESILENCE #ENDFGM

Protecting human rights makes business sense.  #BREAKTHESILENCE to protect women and girls from #FGM:

FGM activists are uniting to #BREAKTHESILENCE and #ENDFGM in one generation. Join the Global Coalition now:

I just pledged to #BREAKTHESILENCE b/c 200 million women and girls have been cut. Many of them still live with its consequences. Learn the facts and pledge to #ENDFGM


I believe women and girls have a right to their bodies. I'm speaking up because I have #3millionreasons to #BREAKTHESILENCE and #ENDFGM

FGM is everyone's problem and happens in many places including the U.S. Learn the fact #BREAKTHESILENCE #ENDFGM


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